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Hey it’s me

I am George Dyrrachitis, a passionate Software Engineer, passionate anime fan, serial memer and adventurous individual. I love coding and sharing knowledge with other people, thus this blog.

In this blog I note down my ideas on different topics of computer science, so please don’t expect a strict format, I blog pretty much about anything, soft skills, technical, design, or any other idea I have in my mind!

I currently live and work as a Senior Software Engineer in Dublin, enjoying being involved in various technology meetups and events.

Almost finished

Feedback for this blog is very welcome, as it can improve content, which will only benefit readers, so please reach to me with comments, tweets whatever suits you. I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss with you.

The contents of this blog express only personal points of view. I do not represent anyone else’s points of view, neither client’s, nor employer’s, just my thoughts.