Hey, it’s me!

My name is George Dyrrachitis, a passionate Software Engineer, anime fan and adventurous person.

I made this blog so I can communicate my thoughts on technology with other people. I really enjoy sharing knowledge,for instance, something that I recently learned or something I’ve been doing for a long time, it’s something that keeps me going forward and helps me to connect with other people. Not only I can be useful to others, but I am able to learn from others as well, as this is the ultimate goal in IT, to constantly learn, evolve and improve. Our minds feed on ideas, on thoughts, this is called inspiration and without these interactions it’s impossible to satisfy our minds appetite!

What I really hope for you, the reader, is to enjoy the content that’s shared in this blog and ultimately, possibly, get something out of it. What can you gain from this blog? That is up to you, but what I can tell you, is that I will try my best to share my thoughts and make you question certain things, which might inspire you to research and learn more. I will share simple tutorials on various technologies, so I can help you pick up or get familiar with one and get the ball rolling. I will share things that I found very useful in my career and helped me move forward. As I said, I hope you like the blog’s content, subscribe and of course come back to me, with ideas, suggestions, disagreements, literally everything. I am like a pig in the mud when debating about technology with other people.

I currently live and work as a Principal Software Engineer in Dublin, enjoying being involved in various technology meetups and events.


  • B.Sc. – Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Athens
    • First-Class Honours (1:1)
    • Grade: 80%


  • Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Specialist in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Almost finished

Feedback for this blog is very welcome, as it can improve content, which will only benefit readers, so please reach to me with comments, tweets whatever suits you. I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss with you.
The contents of this blog express only personal points of view. I do not represent anyone else’s points of view, neither client’s, nor employer’s, just my thoughts.